ALCOVIT® MED is a novel, unique and natural product earmarked for the decontamination of the intestinal tract and for the relief from heavy metal fragments in the liver.

ALCOVIT® Med has clearly shown a sizeable reduction of unwanted effects caused by alcohol consumption.

The contents of 15 gr. powder in ALCOVIT® MED is to be mixed with 200 ml still water and is, when consumed, similar to a refreshing, effervescent "lemon soda water".

The active ingredient in ALCOVIT® MED is a natural mineral silicate, ground into a fine product with the capacity to adhere to poisonous substances in the blood, in this regards also to alcohol.

Thus, quite a large part of consumed alcohol will not enter the bloodstream and cannot burden or damage the liver.
Next to the mineral silicate, ALCOVIT® MED contains a fructose powder, refreshing body and soul.

ALCOVIT® MED can be consumed before, during or after drinking alcohol, in order to prevent negative effects of alcohol, like hangover.

In order to benefit from the preventive effect of ALCOVIT® MED, it should by all means be taken before going to sleep, so that any hangover cannot develop.

Medical-scientific tests have shown, that about 60 minutes after taking ALCOVIT® MED, the blood alcohol concentration could reduce by up to 50%. This effect could be seen in 8 of 10 test persons, subject, of course, to each individual physical conditon.

Product composition and trademark of ALCOVIT® MED are protected. 
Patent EP 2538950