We - the founders and managing directors of Biotake GmbH - can look back at many years of professional competence in the Pharma sector, as can be gathered from our curriculum. During those many years of living and working in the Far East, we learned to appreciate the valuable contribution of natural products to health as such and in medical treatment. Prevention is, in particular, of great importance.

In our company we pay highest attention to products, which
• have been developed in scientific research
• have proven to be efficacious
• are purely biologically grown
• are produced under stringest quality control.

The basis of our work is our knowledge and familiarity with the extremely high demands for a new product in the pharmaceutical industry.
This is our team:

Reinhard Nickchen as founder, CEO and Managing Director of Biotake GmbH. Reinhard has been working for many years in international pharma companies in top executive positions in the Far East and Eastern Europe. He was Managing Director in Taiwan, Thailand and Russia.

Klaus Juelicher is co-founder and director. Klaus lived for 20 years in the Far East (Taiwan / Japan) and was running the pharmaceutical business of major international companies. Thereafter, he served as executive board member in Schwarz Pharma AG and in the Japanese Health Care Group Otsuka.

Ines Nickchen is in charge of graphic design and is also coordinating technical production flow within Biotake GmbH. She was a teacher and lecturer in Germany and Japan, before she became an artist, free-lance.

Dr. med. Martin Trommlitz is in charge of all medical-scientific matters with in Biotake GmbH. He will answer any question with greatest competence.

Biotake GmbH works with a Certified Quality Management System in line with DIN EN 150 13485 : 2012 and the respective Quality Assurance System, as far as the production and sales / distribute of our medicinal product ALCOVIT MED are concerned.